Hidden New York Gem in Chinatown!

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So yesterday’s downtown lunch adventure took me into Chinatown and the one lone Italian restaurant hold out.  FORLINI’S the only Italian restaurant still there from when Little Italy was bigger.  Forlini’s opened in 1956 and truly a hidden gem!  I’ve been there quite a few times but sadly have the same thing every time.  The Osso Bucco there is served in a lite broth versus a heavy gravy and is to die for!  It’s normally served with risotto but I swapped that out for Broccoli Rabe and a side of mashed potatoes.

Stuck up a conversation with one of the owners Dennis Forlini.  Great guy!  He also sent over a little side pasta dish that was absolutely delicious!  I also paid attention to Dennis while he worked the man greeted every as the came in and as they were leaving and was especially gracious while on the phone taking a reservation. I love this place a recommend it the next time you’re in NYC.

Forlini’s Ristorante – 93 Baxter St, NY, NY  www.forlinisnyc.com

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