Merchants River House (My Downtown Adventures Continue)

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So today with my 1st half day Summer Friday i managed to hit a few places.  Battery Park Gardens while the wait staff was great and the food ok I found the outdoor female bartender a little cold to women while she gushed over the men.  Will reserve complete judgment till my next stop by.

Where I was completely welcomed was Merchants River House!  It’s right on the Hudson River with a beautiful view of Jersey City.  Upon walking in and selecting a table, Francisco my waiter started his query into what I waited.  (Boo no New Zealand Savginon Blanc!)  So I went with the Rosé the Guet, Nruet Rosé from New Mexico.  It’s listed as creamy, bright & berried).   And while I am enjoying the Rosé, the Sancerre Francisco gave me a taste of, I didn’t love!

Food here sounds great.  The specials sound delightful but I’m just here for the wine.  Definitely a must come back to!  Ask for Francisco!


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